In all fairness...

In reporter Dan Cain’s {|article}, which appeared on the Herald’ website on Wednesday, January 15, a quotation from bus passenger Mr Chandler is given verbatim: “All I want when I pay my fair [sic] is a safe journey to my destination.”

It is fare to say that the copy was not properly checked before publication (tongue in cheek). But all is fayre in love and journalism, I s’pose.

We know your Biblical namesake murdered his brother, but you have murdered our language.

I could not resist the temptation to copy my email to (now former) editor Colin Channon, and I hope this will not work to your detriment but rather to your edification. And I wish you well in your chosen career (with words being your tools).

L.P.N. Myerson

Compton Avenue


Reporter Dan Cain’s response: It’s a ‘fare’ cop – you have me on this one. I’ve learned the lesson that a computer spell-check won’t tell the difference between ‘fare’ and ‘fair’, because neither is spelled incorrectly, but my own eyes should, on re-reading. A lesson learned for a trainee reporter, certainly.