In response to Duncan Barkes

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I feel compelled to write regarding the article by Duncan Barkes about self-service checkouts in supermarkets.

My experience is they are extremely difficult to manage unless just purchasing one simple item. I quite often visit Sainsbury’s in Rustington on a Tuesday evening, en route to somewhere else. They usually have just one checkout open where there is always a queue with large trolleys, thus leaving those of us who do not want to spend more time than we need in a queue, at the peril of the self service. Last week I experienced a difficulty with an incorrect price appearing and when I requested assistance saying politely “I always have trouble with these, but have little choice when there is a queue elsewhere” was told “they are simple if you know how to use them” and “there are no queues” (which there was as a huge trolley load was being scanned). I was not about to argue with the rude assistant. Luckily, it was another lady assistant who took my product to check the price and duly returned explaining it was in fact the incorrect price and kindly then tried to amend the price for me, which even she could not do. I was asked to go to the kiosk with her where things were rectified, the whole process actually taking longer than had I waited behind the trolley load in the first place. Hope this feedback is of use to you and maybe to Sainsbury’s at Rustington. I would like to see just one self service (for those who enjoy that sort of challenge) and more manned tills open.

Betty Smith

Central Worthing