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One really has to laugh at the way MPs like Tim Loughton mislead people with their claims about this, that, and the other (Your Views, October 2).

Let me try to help Mr Loughton with his problems, of which he has many!

Number one is, he has lived off the taxpayer for far too long and, in my opinion has done little to advance the building of the A27 bypass.

Number two is, if he had done his homework properly, he would know that I stood in three general elections for UKIP, in 1997, 2001 and 2005, in the Worthing West constituency against Peter Bottomley, increasing my vote each time I stood.

Number three is, if he used his calculator correctly, he would simply find out that paying £55million a day to the EU is not good business and means that, in this country, we have £55million a day less to spend where it is urgently needed, like on the A27 bypass, for example.

We will never be a independent democratic country while we are tied and controlled by the EU and that is a fact. The A27 bypass is urgently needed.

Better off out of the EU and save £55million a day!

Tim Cross

UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate,

Worthing West constituency

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