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I AM writing to support the introduction of a 20mph speed limit to selected residential areas of the town.

Where I live is between Littlehampton Road and Terringes Avenue and two roads within this area are regularly used as speedy cut throughs between them i.e. Rusper Road and Ringmer Road.

The latter is particularly difficult as it is regularly cluttered with cars and vans from end to end including around the junctions.

There are frequent collisions at the Ringmer Road/Terringes Ave junction. Ringmer Road also has the back entrance to Durrington School and is full of pupils, and cars, twice every weekday.

Many of the pupils to their credit also cycle to school. It is a dangerous mix and the area would clearly benefit from a restricted speed limit as applies in other towns and villages close to schools. I trust the schools and the education authority will back this move during the consultation.

Chris Allen

Rackham Road