Inconvenienced by change

YOUR front page picture of Mr Dore paying his parking fine in small change would have only inconvenienced one person and that’s himself.

He has taken the trouble to scan the internet to find out exactly the correct amount of small coins are within the councils rules, he has no doubt gone to a bank to get the neceesary coins and taken the trouble to go to the parking shop to pay the fine.

He claims if more people paid their fines by this method the council would re-think their policy of issuing parking tickets.

I very much doubt it, Mr Dore, they would, I expect, call a meeting and change the rules forthwith.

Nothing is more annoying than to get a parking ticket, however, the signs are clear, so if you park illegally or overstay your time hold your hands up and say fair cop, pick up the phone, quote the reference number using your credit/debit card or write a cheque, it’s a lot easier.

Stan Mayle

Alinora Crescent