Incredible pier

Oh dear, oh dear.

Ian Hart, I must take you to task over lumping Scarborough in with five other resorts as as having a pier.

This town did indeed have one, many moons ago, but it was destroyed and washed into the tempestuous North Sea in a storm.

One of the many reasons I came to settle in your fair town four years ago was, on a visit, when going out to tea I contemplated what a delightful, serene and beautiful pier you had in Worthing.

Since that time I have spent many happy hours walking, strolling or sitting, in all seasons, on it, as have so many residents and visitors alike.

The beautiful sea views, day or evening time, take some beating ,and what’s more – it’s all for free!

It must also be one of the nicest sights as she comes into view from a distance, welcoming you home from a visit to the Brighton or Chichester area.

So I say, long live Worthing pier and long may she continue to please all who make their way upon this incredible structure.

Miss CA Davenport

Western Place