Insulted by this label

I AM writing with reference to your article on page 3 of last week’s Herald, in which your correspondent Alex Therrien, while reporting on an off-licence application in Ham Road, describes this road as being “deprived”.

If I may suggest, your reporter would do well to research this area better and take more care with his choice of words.

In the 30-plus years I have lived in Ham Road, there have been occasions when the row of shops at the southern end of Ham Road has looked in need of some care and attention, but to describe the whole road, which extends from the seafront to East Worthing railway station, as “deprived” is a gross overstatement and an insult to all the house-proud and hard-working residents in the area.

Perhaps a visit to a number of inner city estates in the UK would give a better definition and understanding of the word “deprived”.

Worthing council does an excellent job of keeping the street clean, pavements have been replaced when needed and the businesses work hard to keep the area thriving.

Some thought should also be given to the impact such a thoughtless comment can make, affecting those trying to run a business, sell or rent their properties, to say nothing of the blow to the pride of those honest, decent citizens who choose to live here.

Peter Smith

Ham Road