Intimidation and verbal violence at UKIP meeting

I was one of the approximately 500 people who attended the UKIP meeting at Hove Town Hall on Monday, June 3.

Ordinary folk who wanted to find out more about UKIP policies had first to run the gauntlet of about 50-100 protestors, whose only purpose seemed to hurl abuse.

Once safely ensconced inside, we awaited the party leader, Nigel Farage, to talk to us about his policies and then to invite questions from the audience. I have to say that from the onset, those same protestors that had sought to intimidate and abuse, had no intention of joining in a reasoned debate – their only intention was to shout down and abuse the speaker and the audience.

When invited by Mr Farage to take the mic and ask questions, air grievances or just debate policy, not a single person could, or would, preferring instead to be dragged, kicking and screaming from the forum.

Protest is part of the democratic process – but this was just intimidation and verbal violence, from a few seemingly left wing activists, who had no regard for reasoned debate.

I hope this sort of behavior is never witnessed in the peaceful streets of Worthing, and that ordinary, decent folk can feel confident that their views can be listened to and debated in our town hall, without the process being “mugged” in the halls of local democracy.

Once Mr Farage had the stage, he went on to explain his policy of Britain leaving Europe and pursuing a policy of self determination. He also talked about wind energy and how he feels it to be a needless waste of resources. This is of obvious interest to Sussex people as we have the prospect looming of the Rampion off-shore wind farm: a huge project that will diminish the views from the wider Sussex coast, as possibly other readers will agree?

Kirk Dickenson

Cote Street