Irresponsible owner to blame

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I am disgusted at the amount of dog excrement on the pavements in Nutley Crescent and the north-west side of Alinora Avenue.

An irresponsible dog owner is allowing their animal to foul the pavements on a daily basis.

Having spoken to the dog warden, he advises the best course of action is for local residents to keep an eye out for the person responsible and contact him with a description of the person and of the dog, i.e., colour/breed.

He can be contacted via Worthing Borough Council on 01903 239999.

The dog warden takes this matter very seriously as it is an offence to allow a dog to foul the pavement.

These are pavements along which children walk to and from school and I recently witnessed a small girl treading in a large amount of dog mess on the pavement near Alinora Drive.

Not only is this disgusting, but potentially very dangerous, as can lead to toxicara canis poisoning.

This is inexcusable, there are dog bins in both Alinora Avenue and in the slipway off Nutley Crescent.

Should any local residents know who this person is, perhaps they can inform the dog warden.

The many responsible dog owners in this area are equally disgusted.

Meanwhile, if the offending dog owner is reading this letter, be aware it is only a matter of time before somebody catches you out.

Frances Cocozza

Keymer Crescent,