Is 20 plenty?

Duncan Kay and his pals try to give the impression that the majority of people support 20 is Plenty for Worthing.

Just before Christmas, they had an obviously co-ordinated letter writing campaign in the Herald.

Six letters in one week when there hadn’t been any for several.

They knew people would be too busy to reply.

Last week, Duncan wrote that no one had answered his challenge of finding a road where the majority of people were against the scheme.

Who could spare the time to go down just their own street and ask all the residents what they thought?

Could he find the time to try to find a street in favour?

Now that would be a big job!

No doubt many gullible people, who probably don’t drive, will sign his petition.

This does not prove that the majority agree with him.

I would like to know who pays for these campaigns?

Chris Gould

Georgia Avenue