Is it democracy?

HOW on earth can you call it democracy when four councillors can grant outline planning permission to the developers who want to smother Durrington in concrete?

Last Thursday’s planning committee meeting, which was open to the public to attend and raise their objections, was an absolute farce.

An over-capacity of objectors, some of who couldn’t even get in and had to listen from a doorway, all with more than valid reasons for throwing this application out, were defeated by the votes of just two out of four on the planning committee.

This application was thrown out last year and little has changed in the new proposals other than they will not be felling a few trees in Titnore Woods –brilliant, we all agreed with that!

Have those same councillors who voted against these proposals 18 months ago now decided that trees are more important than hundreds of people’s lives?

It leaves me speechless that you can call that democratic in any way, shape or form.

Obviously, they don’t live anywhere near Durrington themselves.

Planning committee members Bryan Turner, Clive Roberts, Nicky Waite and Carol Molineaux, you should be holding your heads in shame that you have inflicted the destruction of those beautiful green fields on to the people and wildlife of West Durrington when you could so easily have said no again to the consortium of greedy builders and sent them packing once and for all to build on brownfield sites in the area!

Kathleen Cock

Hobart Close