Is it still a man’s world?

Since well before women even had the vote, Davison High School has gone from strength to strength in the hands of female leaders.

Decades of Davison girls have been inspired by the daily example of strong, intelligent, female leadership.

Countless young women in crisis or mothers at a loss have been able to communicate female to female to resolve conflicts in conversations that frankly, they could not wish to have with a man.

In 2013, it seems that there is to be a new dawning in Davison girls’ understanding of what leadership looks like.

With four men at the top of the school, Davison cannot possibly be the school that it was.

Of course, one must congratulate Chris Keating and be confident that he will do a wonderful job, but, nevertheless, it seems that it is still a man’s world. And it will seem that way to the girls.

Jo Turner

Bruce Way