Is sandpit really an attraction?

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Having just returned from a visit to Cheltenham and Gloucester, I have to say I heartily agree with George Dixon’s letter re the sandpit for Worthing!

I do not see how this will encourage visitors to Worthing.

Will adults leave their children there while they go shopping? I don’t think so, unless they have to pay for someone to look after the children.

Will adults sit around on deckchairs and watch their children play in the sand when the beach is just a short walk away, and when the tide is out there is sand and rock pools?

I agree, somewhere on the beach would be ideal, maybe the area left where the arches under the removed walkway were.

What brings visitors to towns and cities? Well, Gloucester and Chichester have wonderful cathedrals and shops.

Worthing hasn’t a cathedral, but it has the sea, plenty of cafés and restaurants and needs more shops, not a sandpit!

Pam Bennett

King Edward Avenue