‘It is pro-people’

THERE are huge benefits for all from the introduction of a 20mph speed limit on residential roads.

Despite those so in thrall to the car, seeing any perceived cut as unfair, I have to say that they are just wrong. In addition to the reduction in deaths amd injuries from slowing down a little, there are numerous other benefots.

When I drive around town, I slow to give people crossing the road plenty of time and space to do so.

I do not fume at the fact that they are using the road without paying road tax – by the way this was abolished in the 1930s and, in fact, roads are paid for by all of us who pay tax, including those who do not own a car. Slowing down a little does wonders for the environment. According to government statistics, harmful emissions are reduced by driving in a calmer and less aggressive manner.

People who are less frightened of crossing the road or walking on the pavement will feel safer walking to their local shops or schools, so reducing congestion and pollution.

Drivers will benefit from reduced congestion by spending less time stationary in queues. This will be a real benefit to people like taxi drivers who drive for a living. Slower traffic will flow more easily as drivers let cars out of side roads. Turning right is also easier in slower-moving traffic.

The impact on children’s lives could be huge as the street where they live and the streets they use to get about become safer to cross and they are happier to get about on foot or on bicycle. They will have the opportunity to live healthier lives with less pollution and more exercise.

The main problem that has been pointed out in many letters will be the refusal of some drivers to moderate their driving for the benefit of themselves and others. this must not be an excuse to do nothing.

One writer tells us he has not spoken to one person in favour of 20’s Plenty. I can say I have spoken to many people in favour of it, and few who are not.

Do not confuse support for 20’s Plenty with being anti-car or pro-cycle. It is pro-people and making Worthing a better place to live for everyone.

E. Stevens

St Lawrence Avenue