It’s ‘bravo’ to the Worthing Herald

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Your letters

I am lifetime Worthing resident and reader of the Worthing Herald.

I have had the impression that the local newspaper, while trying to maintain its impartial stance, had been pro-motorist and didn’t consider the issue of road safety as a newsworthy topic, despite the town having the worst road safety record in the county.

However, I was heartened last week by the Herald’s stirring up of the 20mph on residential roads debate and, this week, the two road safety stories on the front page.

With ever more cyclists using the roads and no cycle routes in the town, the paper seemed to imply that the ‘shared use of roads’ may a debated as hotly as the shared use of the promenade. Please encourage this discussion.

The paper also printed a headline detailing that it was ‘Only a matter of time before a child is hurt’.

The problem, they suggested, was that the county could not recruit enough crossing patrolmen.

The paper seems to have missed the point that the danger to the children comes from the roads (users of the roads) and not the fact that there are not enough lollipop men and women.

Bravo, Worthing Herald! Let’s hope that with your powerful voice and community interest at heart you will keep up the discussion as to why a small flat town should so dominated by cars and so dangerous for its children.

Perhaps you should ask your readers why is it that Worthing’s children don’t all walk or cycle to school unaccompanied. Surely, in a civilised society, that should be the norm?

J.P. Saville

The Heights,


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