It’s bureaucracy

Please help me. I visit Worthing occasionally. I buy parking vouchers from the parking shop, and I try to park according to the road side plaque and utilise my vouchers and park my car, as permitted inside the white lines.

The voucher correctly notes my time of arrival. Yet, I get back to my car to find a fixed penalty notice for incorrectly displaying my voucher.

My mistake it seems – I laid the voucher on my dashboard, drivers side, nearest the kerb in plain sight and yet... At what point does Worthing Council’s insistence that this parking voucher must be hung on the rear view mirror, become unreasonable?

I’ve reread and read the voucher and it seems I forgot to hang the voucher on my rear view mirror and for this I have been duly fined. Shame on you Worthing Council. I wasn’t trying to evade payment. I bought the voucher, scratched off the silver sections and displayed it (strangely in accordance with Brighton council’s instructions).

My advice to all drivers parking in Worthing in the run up to Christmas, is to take heed and park elsewhere, in fact shop elsewhere, where the rules are not so stringent and adhered too with such veracity as to be mind boggling difficult.

If a valid ticket can be read on a dashboard why isn’t that good enough to avoid a penalty? I’m baffled. And frustrated.

Kay Beer