It’s inevitable

Shock. Horror. The Herald poll overwhelmingly rejected the 20mph proposal.

Inevitably, 20’s Plenty’s Duncan Kay was wheeled out. His comments would have been of interest had he not known the result. What he said was sour grapes.

However, Mr Kay, you need not worry, Worthing will become a 20mph zone as some councillors are superglued to the misguided notion no matter what evidence or public opinion is expressed.

They specifically ruled out a referendum as it would result in a rejection of the scheme as the Herald poll shows. A consultation process was agreed. This can be steered to ensure that the ‘right’ conclusion is reached. Additionally political correctness and the hubris of these councillors will defy this Herald poll of Worthing resident’s wishes.

The poll report was yet another opportunity for Mr Kay to promote his minority cause and lacked balance. Although Worthing impressively rejects the 20mph limit, the reporter could not find an authoritative champion to challenge Mr Kay and his unsound claims.

Lloyd Cole

Church Walk