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Your letters

Each day we see the homeless, wandering about in the town. But what do we do about it?

Nothing! Except criticise them for being dirty, drunk and often shouting abuse.

If you approach them, instead of disregarding them, and if you talk to them (which may shock them at first), you find they are not all ‘druggies’ or alcoholics.

Try to be friendly to them – whatever their appearance may be. You also could give them food, which is always welcome. Please don’t give them money because this helps them to be drug/alcohol addicts. Try to be patient, kind and also a good listener.

You could also mention what they might gain by going to church, but you need to be careful, since they may have a very good reason for not going and not believing in God, so don’t push the idea.

There is generally no need to be afraid, because their backgrounds are often very similar to ours. The difference between us is that we are able to cope with life’s problems, where as they cannot, which is why they get drunk or may commit crimes.

So, people of Worthing, see what you can do about this ever-increasing problem now, and don’t always leave it to others to find a solution.

As well as the homeless, there are also many who have a mental illness.

I think we can all help them in a way the NHS is not, in my opinion, able to do.

Many mentally ill people have had their lives transformed – when drugs they have been taking for years have not helped them – by mixing with people without this disability.

You may not know anything about mental illness, but that doesn’t mean you should be afraid. A kind, sympathetic talk could make a difference.

I don’t think I’m Einstein, but your response to my suggestion may be: “I am so busy in my life that I don’t have time to even think about the mentally ill.” But it is important that we make time.Who knows, one day, any of us could be in the same situation.

John Houghton

Shelley Road


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