It’s unnecessary

I heard that another person is trying to get the 20mph speed applied in Worthing again.

Has it been noticed whether it worked at all in Brighton? Or in Portsmouth? All it seems to do in Brighton is to not work and, if so, would clog up already-congested roads.

All that happened is that thousands of pounds of the tax-payers’ money were spent in drawing pretty 20 circles all over the roads.

In Worthing, I don’t believe anyone can speed more than 20mph around the town except for the dual carriageways.

In any case, how on earth would it be policed and enforced? Try something near the schools such as the slow signs.

I hope that we in Worthing won’t get traffic-clogging (cynical!) calming additions to our roads as the only calming area is still the A27 at Lyons Farm and Grove Lodge roundabout.

David Shelton

Castle Road