It would be remiss

I FEEL it would be remiss of me if I did not take this opportunity to thank the midwives and staff at Worthing delivery suite and midwifery department for their superb care, professionalism and attention to detail whilst my wife was having our baby.

All I read in the newspapers is how poor the NHS is, how uncaring the nurses are, and how many mistakes are made by doctors. I’d like to present an alternative vision, on my experience over he last two to three days.

This vision is one of hope, dedication and attention to detail. Since our arrival at the maternity and delivery suite in Worthing, we were reassured, guided and given every help we needed.

No question was too small or too stupid. We spent five hours with a midwife who went out of her way to make us feel safe and prepared.

When the midwives changed shift, we once again were in the care of another outstanding midwife.

Her manner, knowledge and supportive nature was simply superb. The midwife even came back and visited our new baby when she came on shift the next day.

This is my vision of the NHS, where nurses do more than just go through the motions, they love what they do, have exceptional knowledge and, most importantly, make you feel like you’re their absolute priority.

I am now the proud father of a beautiful baby girl and a proud participant of the NHS.

A Thorpe

West Parade