Jamie’s parking say

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I AM writing to you about the new parking restrictions proposed to be put in place in East Worthing.

This includes Church Walk, Ham Road, Chatham Road, Devonport Road and Brighton Road. None of these roads currently has any parking restrictions.

I live in Ophir Road, which junctions with Devonport Road. Devonport Road will be under the new parking restrictions.

There are only ever three or four cars parked in that road as all the houses have drives.

Because all the roads surrounding the area will be in the controlled parking zone, all the people who wish to park outside the controlled parking area will just come and park in our road.

This will mean that there will never be anywhere to park because there will be so many cars parking in the road.

Ophir Road is also quite a narrow road, so when there are cars parked on both sides all the way down, I think it could become a problem, because people will park dangerously on the corners and the end of the roads. Our entire area in East Worthing is quiet at the moment, without any major parking issues.

Most of the roads that are to be made into a controlled parking zone do not have a parking problem.

The exception is Chatham Road; the high volume of cars here is due to the number of flats in the road.

The above roads are a long way from the centre of town, so why do they need to be in a controlled parking zone? I think this will create parking problems in our area, where there currently aren’t any problems, rather than solve them. It could also make it hard for people to visit the local shops in Ham Road.

It will mean that people living in those areas will have to pay for a permit to park outside their homes.

They will also have to pay for permits for people to visit them. On the positive side, though, the money raised will create more jobs for traffic wardens!

Jamie Elliott

aged 14

Ophir Road