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Your letters

I would like to respond to the letter by Duncan Kay (Herald, May 8).

He talks about drivers roaring down streets, what, at 30mph, more like someone is breaking the speed limit. I presume all this roaring about will stop once the roads are reduced to 20mph.

Some motorists will drive without due care and attention, that’s why it was made an offence and some pedestrians will cross the road without looking where they are going, that’s why we have the Highway Code – 20mph speed restrictions won’t change that. To put all this roaring about, accidents deaths and anything else that will create panic and alarm for the 20’s Plenty campaign into perspective, let me tell you about my grand-daughter. She will put all you 20’s Plenty campaigners to shame. She is 13 but ever since she was 11, she has had to cross a main road, where the speed limit is 60mph, in order to catch the school bus to The Weald School in Billingshurst. No 20’s Plenty for her, no school crossing patrol or zebra crossing, just a very busy, dangerous road. she does it and I can prove two generations have crossed this road before her without a single casualty – my son and before him, his mother.

Now my story. I live in Bolsover Road. When the sixth form college was here, some students played chicken – they would make eye contact and walk out in front of a car. I could have injured three students but I had my wits about me and managed to hit the brakes on these occasions.

My point is, two people avoiding accidents because they are alert to what is going on around them – something a reduced speed limit can never cater for.

Robert Mitchell

Bolsover Road


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