Karma police

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Your letters

To the thief who stole my buddah – you had no right to take what was not yours, both materially and spiritually.

My prominent stone friend, with his stunning smile and bulging belly, was a well-respected resident in my garden, ensuring wellbeing and maintaining good karma to all around.

He is now probably the only buddah to have his own personal police crime number.

I hope you look after him well as you will need to, and I hope from reading this some of your family and friends might realise the statue has been stolen. Your conscience should play on you, because I have no doubt you will experience bad karma from now until eternity.

You may think this just a foolish concept, but you would be the foolish one to ignore it.

A simple solution is still available to you – return him to his rightful place in my garden and you may be forgiven with your karma restored, just a little bruised, perhaps.

Raymond Oliver

Church Close


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