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Your letters

How lucky Worthing is to have AJ Barber to outline for us the deficiencies of the proposed Roffey Tower development (Architectural dilemma, letters, March 5).

He alerts readers to something better: how a skilled architect with a socially-conscious developer such as, up to now Roffey, could improve the design of the flats, stay true to Worthing’s Tall Buildings Policy and still make Roffey a reasonable profit. (Even so, a problem with too high a density on the site would remain).

Worthing as a seaside town has a particular character which it would be easy to destroy by inappropriate development. Abandoning considered restrictions on the height of high-rise buildings would most likely be the thin edge of the wedge and Worthing will end like all those identikit towns that have lost out to greed and short-term decision making, as is happening in London.

The authorities should draw a line in the sand now and require all developers to submit proposals that not only enhance the best of what is already here but also conform to the best of forward-looking architectural practice.

Keep Worthing distinctive and attractive for all.

Jane Mathur

Southey Road


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