‘Keep protesting, East Worthing’

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Your letters

I have been following the Herald and the letters page with interest.

Although I don’t live anywhere near the old Aquarena site, I support the residents there totally in their anger at the proposed new tower block 100 per cent for several reasons.

The town has just spent (wasted?) millions on a totally inadequate new swimming pool because they wanted an ‘iconic’ building. There is already a far more iconic building there in the form of the beautiful Beach House, a former single family dwelling, now converted into flats.

Why on earth, having wasted all that money would the borough planners even consider hiding their new ‘jewel’ behind yet another tower block?

More to the point, why does the town want another tower block of luxury flats, unaffordable by those who really need homes!

The planners seem intent on not addressing the future needs of the many people who are buying such homes. Yes, I can see that the borough loves the revenue from the council tax on these homes and that many wealthy people moving into them will make a significant contribution.

That’s all well and good all the time they are able to care for themselves but care providers in Worthing are already struggling to find good, reliable and suitable staff.

What happens when these new residents also need care? All the ‘affordable’ housing is scheduled for building out of town (scheduled, not being built).

I know many who would be willing to take on care work if they could get there on foot but the wages offered are inadequate for many people to be able to run a car.

Why does the town need an Eastern Gateway? We need sensible, considerate planning, not icons.

Many beautiful Art Deco buildings have been torn down for blocks of flats - now, the trend appears to be leaning toward Art Deco style!

Families known to me who used to patronise the Aquarena regularly and frequently now travel further afield for swimming, particularly to Steyning, Guildford Spectrum (where they can also ice skate and do ten pin bowling and park free of charge) and The Triangle at Burgess Hill.

Where are the current users of Splash Point Leisure supposed to park free of charge when the Aquarena development starts?

Parking is another issue. I’d love to know how much money was ‘saved’ by cutting maintenance, not just on car parks (which, I understand, was the root cause of the contract going out to tender in the first place) but also on painting the windows of The Assembly Hall which then had to be replaced at massive cost, the Pier Pavilion roof (same applies here).

I realise that, finally, after many years of council meetings not being properly recorded (we can’t all get to them and there wouldn’t be room for us if we could) they are, and digitally. However, too many decisions are still made by too few councillors, many behind closed doors.

The recent election results may demonstrate initially that we have faith in our majority-decided council but, considering the low turnout and the national tend towards change, I firmly believe that ignorance and habitual voting are largely behind this.

I’m sick of back-biting councillors who clearly don’t know their facts (Clive Roberts’ call for Keith Sunderland to resign, etc)

Keep protesting, East Worthing. You do have some support from outside your area.

Trudi Starling

Alexandra Court,


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