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Your letters

I am moving to Worthing next month because I love the mix of traditional and historic architecture and sense of place the town offers. It’s a people’s town to be proud of.

Until now I have often taken my holidays in Sitges, Spain, – a place I dearly love.

One reason I love Sitges so much is there are no high rise buildings anywhere along the entire stretch seafront, apart from two hotels built on wasteland sites – one at either end of the enormous bay.

Apart from these two discrete buildings all the rest of the high rise development is kept way back behind the town near the motorways and other through roads.

The largest building on the sea front in Sitges is the ancient church which dominates the beautiful skyline, especially beautiful with its pinkish stonework at sunset.

Worthing would do well to take note.

It would be such a shame if Worthing turned into a high rise town, full of ugly statements by developers who often ‘design’ the buildings themselves, with little or no understanding of what goes into making a design send out the right messages. The only message the man on the street gets from this is that money is being made at the expense of the town and all who live in it. Not great!

It’s widely accepted 99.9 per cent of building projects are only there to make money. The other 0.1 per cent are the great buildings that inspire us all in their elegance, charm and timeless beauty. These are few and far between and rarely funded especially in today’s austerity climate. So a money-making practice it is for the most part, with attention to aesthetics and quality taking a back seat.

Please don’t let Worthing fall into this trap of allowing developers to call the shots.

See you soon – I move this month and we are very excited!

Alan Cross



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