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It was with dismay that I read Duncan Barke’s biased and misjudged comments regarding 20mph speed limits (I know his job is to be contentious but to say that “it is everything to do with the green agenda” is absurd).

If you like statistics you can play with and present a great argument for or against 20s Plenty. However, despite Duncan’s rhetoric, he fell into the trap that all the anti this and that’s do.

They highlight the negative without an alternative. 20s Plenty has the town, the Herald and, more importantly the county council, discussing road safety in Worthing.

The issue isn’t about 20 miles per hour but road safety. It is the only thing we have in the current climate. Drop it and West Sussex County Council will go back to sticking its head in the sand and you will never see your children or grandchildren walking to school unaccompanied. What else will kick WSCC into action?

It is somewhat ironic that Duncan’s article was published in an issue of the paper jammed with details of serious road collisions all caused by excess speed.

I know that we can say that 20mph limits would not have prevented those accidents but readers must question why it is that the UK stands alone in Europe as the one nation that seems to tolerate driving with excess speed as part of our culture.

Look at the way most people drive, listen to their comments about speed cameras, look at the derisory sentences passed on traffic offenders. We seem to be a nation that accepts death and injury on the roads as a part of life.

Duncan, please articulate your answer to the problem. If you don’t have children or grandchildren that is still not a reason for having no argument for better road safety in Worthing.

JP Saville

The Heights,


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