Kind strangers

Your letters
Your letters

These days, we hear stories of neglect and thoughtlessness, so I think that you might like to invite readers of the Herald group of papers to contribute letters of times when they have been helped by others.

With this in mind, here is my recent experience of ‘The Kindness of Strangers’.

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking my two greyhounds on the downs above High Salvington. It was a cold day, with deep ruts filled with ice in the green lane.

My eldest dog fell while jumping over a particularly deep rut and broke its leg. When it was examined by our vet it transpired that it had developed a tumour just above its right knee, weakening the bone.

So there we were with an injured dog weighing 40 kilos and in great pain, up on the downs well away from a metalled road. While I was comforting my dog, looking after my other pet and wondering what to do to get help, along came Sue. She was a fellow dog walker, and we tried various numbers – thank God for mobiles – but we had very little success. However, while we were making the calls, along came another dog walker, Jonathan, who offered to bring up his 4x4 to help us.

While he fetched his car, Sue went to mine to collect a blanket. When we were altogether, we got ‘Foxy’ into the 4x4 and Jonathan drove me and both my dogs to our vet. He later returned with his wife to see how things had developed for our dog.

We will never forget the generosity and loving kindness of Sue and Jonathan that day. The angels are out there and if you get the chance, please join them and give a hand when you can. We will.

Dudley and Heather Foster

Orchard Avenue


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