Kites pose danger

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WHILE driving through the coast road from George V Avenue to Ferring on Sunday, my husband and I commented on the kites in the sky down on the green opposite Alinora Crescent area.

All of a sudden, two of these kites came across the hedgerow in front of cars ahead of us only a few feet from the top of them.

On getting further along I could see these kites were being operated by men on some sort of wheeled skateboards.

They were going so fast with the strong wind behind these kites they were having a job to control them.

How dangerous for passing traffic this is. When is something going to be done about this?

Is it going to take a catastrophe, a loss of life, before safety of traffic passing by is considered? A poor driver being held responsible for the death of a pedestrian or another car driver because one of thes kites has distracted him from his driving and caused him to swerve because one of these kites has come across his path when driving.

A similar incident was witnessed by us one summer evening last year while walking along the greensward between Aldsworth Avenue and Sea Lane, Ferring.

Young men of an age that should have known better operating very large, hand-held kites and using them like a red cape at a bullfight.

Deliberately making them come down across the front of cars driving along that stretch of road.

The shocked look on the drivers’ faces and the potential of those drivers losing control of their cars was horrifying.

We made comment to these lads who were in their late- 20s and above and all we got was abuse; it was like a big joke to them.

I wouldn’t want to stop anybody’s fun, but this is not the area for this sort of pastime. The beach at low tide would have been better or an area away from the road. Something needs to be done before a tragedy happens.

Brenda Ellis

George V Avenue