Lack of ‘clear up’ following storms

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Your letters

On Sunday morning (February 16) I drove along Marine Parade and the A259 from Goring to Lancing – you would think that storm had only just cleared.

The main carriageway was still smothered with pebbles and beach debris, reducing parts to a single carriageway. Where the road was clear the gutters were filled with shingle and other debris.

I know that by comparison to some people we have escaped very lightly from recent extreme weather. I know the council and WSCC can do nothing about the weather, but unless some of our council teams have been sent to assist those less fortunate than ourselves, why is there no apparent ‘clear up’ already in hand here? I suppose at best it will wait until rush hour on Monday.

My wife and I were on holiday in Tenerife a few weeks ago when our hotel and the immediate area were buffeted by hurricane force winds for 12 hours. The village and hotel suffered terrible damage but the clear up commenced almost immediately and 12 hours later it was hard to see what had occurred – so quick was the response. Clearly we are unable to respond anything like that here! Why not?

Furthermore the journey along my route was like driving on a Greek mountain road – no that’s a disservice to the people maintaining those Greek dirt tracks. Pot holes that are so large the average car wheel will disappear to half its depth and all of course in the natural driving line. Filled with water- almost impossible to see. These are likely to be a danger to life, someone swerving to avoid one or an unsuspecting motorcyclist or cyclist who has no chance of coming out the other side.

They may lose their life and then the council or whoever is responsible will be held to account. Tell that to the family losing a loved one.

You can drive around our roads and see where they are sinking/crumbling and are likely to fail, but they are left and left until they break up as I have described. A little investment before hand will save money after. Why else do we have our car engine oil changed or boiler serviced- prevention is better than cure.

We are also paying for a man with a spray-can to go and paint around large potholes, why? Can’t the ‘pothole filling team’ see them when driving around? After he has painted them it seems the paint disappears before the pothole is filled.

I would like to see a ‘pot hole truck’ driving around the borough and filling all the potholes as they go.

It must be reasonably cost efficient and they should be allowed to use common sense not a directive that the hole has to be a certain size/depth before its filled.

Mick Curtis

Goring Way


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