Lack of compassion

I WAS left speechless by the lack of compassion shown in the letter from Edwin Funnell (Worthing Herald letters, July 21).

He apparently does not think this country should help to alleviate the famine in East Africa, describing it as a “worthless cause”.

How can he possibly compare poverty in this country with the scale of poverty we are witnessing in Somalia?

No family in this country, however low their income, has to walk for days to find food and water, burying their children at the roadside as they die from starvation.

He says the famine is not our fault, well, neither is it the fault of those suffering in East Africa.

We should be thankful we do not live in a country with such extremes of climate.

If donations are made through reputable charities, such as Christian Aid, they will not “end up in the hands of the warlords”.

Perhaps, Mr Funnell, next time your daily delivery of a cooked meal is brought to your door – you will spare a thought for those who do not have the luxury of a daily meal and show a little more humanity.

Angela Stamp

Alexandra Road