Lack of response

I WOULD like to express my disappointment at the lack of response to a recent concern I raised with Adur and Worthing councils.

When visiting Durrington Cemetery to place some flowers on a family grave, I was saddened to discover several large bones (vertebrae) that were scattered over a small area.

It is a known fact that several of the older graves have sunk and have become home to wild animals including foxes, and I can only assume that the bones have been unearthed by them.

I emailed the council and informed them of my discovery and received an automated reply to confirm receipt.

A week later, I returned to find that the bones had not been removed.

I sent a second email with full details including the plot number in order to identify exact location and as I thought; a discreet disposal, after all, these were clearly not animal bones.

Six weeks after my original email, I visited the cemetery again this weekend and still the bones remain.

This negligence has resulted in recently bereaved family members becoming upset by the lack of respect shown to our dead and the families who are mourning the loss of a loved one.

Karen Diamond

Clyde Close