Lake is ‘stinking neglected mess’

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I am writing on behalf of the Brooklands Wildlife Support Group. We are a group of local residents who are very concerned about the conditions at Brooklands lake which are detrimental to the wellbeing of the wildlife.

Last week, one of our beautiful swans and its cygnets died from poisoning which is a direct result of all the silt and algae. Many ducklings and ducks have also been lost. This is a slow, painful way for the birds to die.

The same situation prevailed last year when many birds and fish were lost.

We have taken advice from various organisations regarding the algae problem at Brooklands and, without exception, we have been told that the lake and Teville stream need dredging.

They should actually be dredged every five to ten years but Brooklands lake has not been dredged for 18 years.

Year on year, the silt is getting deeper and the algae is getting worse. This summer, the lake has at times been almost completely covered in algae.

Our group has been lobbying the council for the past year to take action but has made no progress with them.

Although our group is primarily concerned with the suffering of the wildlife, there is also a serious public heath issue at Brooklands.

Last year, blue-green algae was detected in the water. This is very serious.

Blue-green algae is extremely toxic to humans and dogs and can kill. Other sites around the country have been closed to the public when blue-green algae has been found.

However, Worthing Borough Council decided to simply post some very basic notices around the park, most of which have disappeared, informing the general public of the health risk.

How bad do things have to get before Worthing Borough Council will take action and sort out the sorry mess that Brooklands has become?

Brooklands Park is situated on the seafront very close to Worthing town centre. So much could be done to make this a first class facility for the people of Worthing and tourists alike.

If the lake was dredged and cleaned up we could apply to register for Local Nature Reserve status.

The wildlife would become much more diverse, attracting many different species of birds. It could be educational and fun for children learning about the different types of wildlife that would be attracted to the lake.

There are good parking facilities at Brooklands and many large open spaces which are largely unused.

These could be made into entertainment venues where concerts and events of all kinds could be held.

The income this would generate would help towards

the maintenance costs for the lake and stream.

What we actually have at Brooklands is a stinking, neglected mess that is killing the wildlife and is potentially a public health hazard.

Worthing Borough Council, hang your heads in shame!

Marjorie Wright

Seamill Park Crescent,


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