Lancing beach eyesore

REGARDING your article on the eyesore on Lancing beach, in the Lancing Herald on June 2.

Lancing seafront is nothing compared to Worthing and, as we are a “village”, this is understandable.

I was born in Lancing in 1929 and have always appreciated what we had – a brick-built house where ice-creams were sold through a window which faced the sea, the fishing boats moored next door and the Beach Green quiet.

Now there is a monstrosity on the top of the beach, built of some horrible light material which is absolutely terrible.

What a view for the people who live over the road, especially the elderly.

Personally, I think it should be pulled down, blown up and washed out to sea.

Whoever it was in the planning office at Adur District Council should stand up and admit it was a mistake to pass these plans.

Perhaps a photograph in your paper would help us all to imagine how he, she or they could allow this to go through.

If a club of some sort is needed, a brick-built, single-floor construction should have been considered.

Perhaps the person(s) concerned should be in a float in the Lancing Carnival and try to dodge soft tomatoes, etc.

Please, please try to get “the locals” to back you up to get this “thing” dismantled.

Hazel W. Trussler

Elm Grove