Laws changed?

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Your letters

Having been involved in senior management in the construction industry for many years, which included matters of safety, now retired, I, for the first time, feel a need to put pen to paper to air my concerns.

1) When was the law changed to allow cyclists to ride on the pavements and footpaths? I have even seen people ride past police officers and PCSOs.

2) Is there a restriction on the speed that the four-wheeled death machines that the elderly and infirm use? If you ask them to slow down, you get a mouthful of abuse or the finger sign.

3) Pedestrian push-button crossings: after standing for several minutes waiting for the green man, suddenly, when there is no traffic, there he is.

I hope that you can publish this letter and ask the public for their opinions, because it seems to me that if you are on two or four wheels, you have complete priority over the pedestrians. Is it because the people who could stop this do not have the instructions to do so from a higher authority? Either way, someone has got to put a stop to it.

Mr D. Haining

Madeira Avenue


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