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Your letters

Having eaten out several times in the past few months at various restaurants in Worthing and surrounding areas, I am getting fed up with the constant remark from charming helpful waiting staff at the end of the meal, when it comes to leaving a tip, that they are forced to share the tips with everyone in the restaurant, from chefs, cleaners and sometimes even the management.

When I have had a meal with excellent attentive service I want to reward the waitress, not the chefs who are already rewarded with wages far above the waiting staff, and not the cleaners who come in to clean.

The tip I leave is intended for the front line person who has enhanced the experience I have had there with her (or indeed him) taking care of my needs at the table, topping up the wine or water, making sure everything is to my liking etc.

Come on, restaurant-owners be fair to these staff, and also the customers who should be allowed to choose who and how they tip.

Wendy Taylor

Manor Road


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