Lessons not learnt

WHO needs a 20’s Plenty campaign when all you need is West Sussex Highways to manage, or should I say mis-manage, yet more traffic works, such as the scheme to replace the Western Road traffic lights.

Are previous lessons from road works not learned? Surely a re-programming of the light control to extend the eastbound green light duration to enable the, normally two lanes traffic, now restricted to one lane, to pass through the light thus reducing the tailback be a simple and obvious course of action.

I joined the queue at Crescent Road on the seafront and I’m sure many others have tales of despair on many other routes through the town. The motorist has suffered endlessly with water works, gas main replacement and endless other schemes throughout Worthing roads, which whilst may be necessary, don’t really need to cause as much disruption as they do. If only a little extra planning and common sense was applied to the traffic management, this would improve the situation for all.

Mr N Mardon

Sea Lane