Let’s get cycling

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Your letters

I am a full-time carer for my son. When I manage to get some respite, I like to get my bike out and cycle along the promenade and enjoy the sea.

I would like to be able to cycle to Sea lane Café, but cycling is not permitted on the narrow path by the sea from George V Avenue.

For some reason that escapes me, some people in Goring object to widening the path to allow cycling to take place safely along that route.

There are numerous reasons why widening the path would be a good idea:

• Safer than the road for children and adults who would cycle there;

• Free pleasure and good exercise which helps to prevent dementia;

• Cyclists should not have to ingest the fumes of carbon monoxide from cars which are so close to them on the road;

• Ability to enjoy fresh air and recharge their batteries;

• People already cycle on that route which frightens pedestrians because the path is too narrow for shared use.

The Government has recently expressed its support for cycling and wants more money to be available for it. So, come on local authorities, let’s do it.

Mrs C. Devereux

Grand Avenue


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