Let’s have a rink

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Mr Lovell (“Seaside ghost town”) about making use of the old Excess Insurance site.

It certainly would be an ideal location for a leisure complex.

If it included an ice rink, it would do a great deal of good for the town and solve the problem of the council spending money over three years for a temporary ice rink and lose money due to weather and other problems.

A proper rink could be used for hockey, curling and public skating with conversion to roller skating in summer.

The Excess Insurance site had signs boasting more than “600 parking spaces”.

Ideal, no need to pay extortionate prices to park in town and fill the pockets of the already rich parking companies.

It’s them and Worthing Council’s decision to hand parking rights over to private firms that have caused the “ghost town” problem.

No doubt the powers that be will decide to build even MORE houses on the site.

It’s not houses we need it’s facilities we could do with.

It works for towns like Burgess Hill, Crawley to name a couple. They have great sports centres.

I used the ice rink many times this season but found it frustrating to try to find on-street parking and work out timing to feed the meter for a skating session.

And on the one occasion that I did not pre-book, I “fed” a meter, only to be told that a small school party, that wasn’t advertised, was on the ice and it was closed to the public.

Another reason why the takings were down at the ice rink this year – the cost of parking.

When will the council get the message?

John Lelliott

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