Let us off the hook

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THOSE of us who have failed to become rich or famous during our working lives, nevertheless may wish to remain independent of the state after retirement age.

We have the state pension, which by itself is insufficient for reasonable living standards in the 21st century, so we choose to supplement it by continuing in paid employment for our foreseeable future, whatever that may turn out to be.

And then what happens?

We are heavily taxed on our earnings, in spite of the fact we have been contributing to the communal coffers for at least 60 years!

By any standards, unfair.

Those of us who choose to remain independent by working after the age of 75 should be allowed to do so free of taxation. There has to be a point at which we are let off the hook!

I have sent several memos to our local Conservative MP on this subject, but to date have not received a constructive answer from him.

I’d like to hear readers’ comments.

Lance Ritchie

Rectory Gardens