LETTER: Cash machines at Worthing car park?

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Your letters

Last week I went into Worthing and parked in the open car park for the Montague Centre, run by CP Plus.

On my return, the fee should have been £3.20, but one of the two (new) pay machines was out of action and consequently, when I finally got to pay – as the queue was out of the car park and onto the main road – the fee had jumped to £6.40!

I wonder how many other people have had this experience?

There is a notice pinned to the lamp post next to the pay machine, but it is fixed so high up we couldn’t read it!

On the back of my receipt, I noticed the car park is managed by CP Plus, so on my return home, I emailed them, but presumably they have been inundated with complaints, as they have not replied to me.

I have since heard from a friend that exactly the same thing happened to her on the Thursday – she had to pay £10 and the machine would not accept her card.

So we know the machine was out of action from Thursday to Saturday. I wonder how much extra cash that earned the company?

Someone should be responsible for these ‘cash machines’ – how many people walk away and say nothing?

Carole Paterson

Old Manor Road


• In response to this letter, a spokesman for CP Plus said: “Unfortunately machines do sometimes go wrong and a machine was out of action and we endeavoured to repair ASAP – customers can pay by text or on-line if there are queues and we have encouraged customers to do so.”

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