LETTER: Don’t forget our Players

I keep reading letters about what a brilliant pantomime was on recently at the Windmill Theatre, but feel our local theatre group, Nineveh House Players, should really have a mention as well, about their brilliant performances for the Aldingbourne Trust, supporting adults with learning disabilities, helping them to develop their life skills and to be more indepdendent.

Every night was packed and all the local traders took part, were really professional and are going to do another pantomime again this year.

Even our Duchess of Norfolk, who supports Aldingbourne Trust, came along to a performance. She was most impressed and congratulated all the cast and said they were doing a wonderful job for the trust.

So, I really feel they should get a mention in your columns, which I always read.

Well done to the cast, and I can’t wait for this year’s performance.

D. Gillian

Pearson Road


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