LETTER: Eyesore is out of character

I have just read the estate agent’s advert for Caravel Court, the monstrous eyesore currently being built on the old Parcelforce site.

A more appropriate name would be ‘Carbuncle Court’ as it is completely out of character with the rest of Shoreham.

I live opposite, in an old fisherman’s cottage, and have had to witness this monstrosity growing before my eyes, blotting out the sky, invading our privacy and concentrating noise and pollution from traffic on the A259 to the space between the building and our home.

Our window sills are permanently covered in diesel dust and our net curtains, hung to keep out the worst of it, are always black.

Keeping windows shut in the summer is not an option, although necessary most of the time to keep out noise from the building site, particularly the continuous beeping sound from a Bobcat.

We also have to contend with noise and pollution from New Road, now a rat-run to avoid congestion on the A259, with cars parking outside our house, often on the pavement. Engines are also often left running, belching fumes into our living room.

We couldn’t wait to move back to Shoreham, our home town, having left for the country 17 years ago to work and now retired.

We cannot wait for the opportunity now to move back there, having witnessed the demise of our town in the last five years caused by developers’ lack of empathy and thoughtless planning, which is set to continue.

We need housing for families, not out-of-town second home owners.

I, my husband, and all our friends, relatives and acquaintances object strongly to the development but are faced with the futility of objection when we are ignored and plans passed anyway.

Mrs J.A. Finch

New Road