LETTER: Fears for future of bowls locally

We heard recently that all bowlers will have to pay for parking at Beach House Park, Worthing.

This impacts greatly on all the leagues that are entered in the Worthing, Lancing and Shoreham areas.

Bowling is seen as a purely fun sport, which it is to some extent, but also serious as regards Stracey league, Brodie Tray, and West Sussex leagues.

Every bowler in the area pays £120 to be able to play on all the greens for five months of the year and this will probably be more this year.

This is quite enough I would have thought. No other club charges for parking, and we feel that bowlers will be loath to pay parking for four hours while playing a match.

The Worthing Open competition has already been cancelled, and this lasted all week. This brought benefits to the town from the resultant visitors . We feel it is very short sighted, for as we age, bowling is a very good sport to help keep us healthy in body and spirit. It is a very sociable, especially for those who are widows or widowers.

Please think again, you powers that be, for you may find you lose out with losses from bowls season tickets, and maybe even votes in the next local elections.

Alan and Sue Smith

Newtimber Avenue, Worthing

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