LETTER: If no bypass, then a flyover

I agree with John Hughes that if we cannot have a by pass we must have a flyover. Lionel Parsons and I came up with schemes back in September.

I suggested a two-lane one from the top of Crockhurst Hill to the east of Lyons Farm. The supports could be on the grass verges to avoid encroaching on people’s property or reducing the width of the lower road.

As it is at a high level, pull-off areas could be provided.

The upper road would come down to ground level after Lyons Farm. There would be enough space before the Hill Barn junction for vehicles to change from one lane to another.

Westwards traffic from Hill Barn would take the right hand lane for through traffic and local traffic would take the left. The supports and structure could be pre fabricated to reduce the building time.

I realise that it would spoil the view for people living both sides of the road, but it would be much easier for them to get in and out of their drives.

Lionel had a similar scheme from Hill Barn to the Shoreham flyover. Combining the two schemes would solve the congestion problem and are absolutely essential if the New Monks Farm development in Lancing is allowed to go ahead.

Chris Gould

Georgia Avenue, Worthing

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