Letter incredulity

I WAS incredulous at the recent anti-20’s Plenty letters published in your paper.

If I understand them correctly, a 20mph speed limit on residential streets in Worthing will, amongst other things, lead to more pollution with increasing asthma cases and a massive economic cost resulting from ill-health and increased journey times.

This, apparently, makes the current rates of death and injury on our roads look like a bargain. In truth, the government finds little difference in emissions at 30 or 20mph, but the less aggressive driving at 20mph does reduce carbon emissions.

I recently did a survey of vehicles stationary at the South Farm Road crossing when the gates were down. Of the 12 vehicles waiting, seven left their engines running. This suggests one easy way of reducing some of the pollution from cars. I am sure at least one of your writers could extrapolate this statistic.

On the issue of trial, I believe several million people currently live in 20mph streets. I think the trial has been done.

It should be quite easy for the people doing the consultation for Worthing to contact a few of these places and ask the local authorities what the residents feel about this.

E. Stevens

St Lawrence Avenue