LETTER: Interested in Sea Cadets?

This February, Sea Cadets – a national youth charity with 400 units across the country – is calling on young people aged between 10 and 17 to come on board to see how being a cadet can make a difference to their lives.

We offer water-based and land-based adventure at a heavily-subsidised cost, opening up countless opportunities to all young people, regardless of their background. Throughout February, our #NeverOrdinary campaign aims to raise awareness of what the charity has to offer.

With us, you can enjoy sailing, kayaking, rowing and power-boating, as well as life-changing offshore voyages on one of our five vessels. But did you know we also offer so much more, including first-aid training, rock-climbing, five-a-side football, band practice, physical training and marine engineering, as well as an International Exchange Programme and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award?

In a recent survey by Sea Cadets, 79 per cent of our cadets said they get useful qualifications with us, while 94 per cent of parents said they felt their child’s self-confidence, motivation and team work had ‘greatly improved’ at Sea Cadets. To find out how you can benefit, visit www.sea-cadets.org

Captain Phil Russell RN

Captain Sea Cadets

Lambeth Road, London

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