LETTER: Keep doors shut to save energy

May I endorse the comments made by Nigel Harris in last week’s Herald, regarding shops leaving their doors open, thus wasting so much heat during cold weather?

A few weeks ago, during a severe cold spell, I noted that nearly all the shops in Montague Street, Worthing, with the notable exception of Boots, were guilty of this profligacy.

It would seem that the government could save thousands of tons of carbon emissions by either prohibiting, or taxing, this awful waste of energy.

And, on a slightly different note, they could also save thousands more tons of carbon (from delivery vehicles) and hundreds of tons of polluting plastic (bottles) by heavily taxing bottled water.

I have never understood how we have let this industry burgeon, when we have some of the finest drinking (tap) water in the world.

Mike Wooldridge

Riverbank, Shoreham

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