LETTER: More sightings by River Adur?

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Your letters

In relation to T. Turrell’s letter in the Thursday, April 16, edition of the Herald, I had a possible strange sighting whilst walking along the east side of the river Adur.

It was near to the storage area for buses and static units, and I saw what appeared to be a woman (but could not verify the sex) in black garments from head to foot.

What was noticeable was the large-ish hood she was wearing, so restricting any view of the face. She appeared motionless, just looking directly to the other bank.

This took place on Tuesday, February 17, during the hours of 11.30am to 1.30pm. I presume this is probably nothing, but just in case any other reader has had an experience similar?

Malcolm Shorter

Southwold Close

High Salvington

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