LETTER: No need for this

I was surprised to see the item regarding a merger between Adur and Worthing Dial A Ride.

The Adur Dial A Ride (Southwick/Shoreham and Lancing/Sompting), which operates from Shoreham, will continue to do so in the future for the residents of Adur as we believe they will not be served sufficiently by the Worthing service.

It seems that Worthing is actually setting up a rival service to that offered by Adur Community Transport, which is successfully running Dial-A-Ride in Shoreham, with no funding from the council whatsoever.

Adur Community Transport has not received any grant monies from the council for the past five years, and has subsidised the Dial-A-Ride service from its own resources during this time, therefore costing the council taxpayer of Adur nothing at all.

In these times of financial restraint it seems scarcely appropriate for the council to spend any amount of taxpayers’ money on a resource where there is no justification, as an excellent service already exists in Shoreham for all Adur residents.

Tony Bentley

Co-ordinator, Adur Community Transport

01273 452939